Soldier for Life Military Retirement Services

Contact Information Hours of Operation Address
Office: 717-245-4501
(DSN 242)

Monday thru Friday
8:30 A.M. - 3:30 P.M.

46 Ashburn Drive
1st Floor, Room 142
Carlisle, PA 17013-5062

Fax: 717-245-4227


Handicap Access provided in front on building 46 via ramp.

Note: The Retirement Services office is located at 46 Ashburn Drive in the Anne Ely Hall. For directions to Carlisle Barracks, please click here.

Bad Weather? Call 717-245-3700 to find out if there is a Carlisle Barracks Delay or Closure.

Purpose: Provides information and services on benefits and entitlements to active duty Soldiers and Families preparing for retirement and to retirees and Families.

Survivor Benefits/Retirement Benefit Briefings: Carlisle Barracks is not a station of choice. Your Retirement Orders must indicate Carlisle Barracks as your Soldier for Life Transition Site to receive this briefing. This is a one-on-one briefing located in the RSO office and takes 90 minutes. If the member is married, the spouse needs to be present. Appointments may be made on Tues at either 9:30 or 1:30; Wed at either 9:30 or 1:30 or Thursdays at 9:30 or 1:30.

Retirement Ceremonies: We do not offer Group Retirement ceremonies. Individual ceremonies are planned through the member's PAC.

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To view the Army G1 Pre-Retirement Briefing Presentation: Click Here

To view the Pre-Retirement Counseling Guide: Click Here

To View Reserve & National Guard Retirement Guidance: Click Here

To View Reserve & National Guard Survivor Benefit Program Guidance: Click Here


Click "Your Military Benefits Active, Reserve & NG" to view entire book.

If you do an auto print for the book you will print 67 pages! Please view first and then select the pages you wish print using the Page guide below. If you want to print out the Medical Information only: at "PAGES TO PRINT" Change the (ALL) to (Print ___ - ___) Put in the page numbers you need printed.

Page 1. Title Page

Page 2. ID Card Sites

Page 3. My Army Benefits (Title Page Only)

Pages 4 - 30. Medical Benefits

Pages 31 - 41. Pay Benefits

Pages 42 - 53. VA Benefits

Page 54. Social Security & Your Retirement Pay

Pages 55 - 67. More Military Retirement Benefits, Fun Stuff!, Sources of Information and "Still Serving"

View Carlisle Barracks Active Duty Retirement Checklist: Click Here.

SFL-Transition Assistance Program - (717) 245-4357 / 3684

Army Emergency Relief: (717) 245-4720

Casualty Assistance: (717) 245-4501

Commissary: (717) 245-3105 x210

(DEERS) ID card Section: 717-245-3533

Legal Assistance: 717-245-4940

Military Medical Facility (DUNHAM Clinic): 717-245-3400

Leisure & Travel: (717) 245-4048/3309

Morale Welfare and Recreation Activities: (717) 245-4332

On Post Lodging: 717-245-4245

Outdoor Recreation: 717-245-4616

Pharmacy: 717-245-3400, Option 1 for touch tone, then Option 3 for Pharmacy

Post Exchange: 717-245-2463

Red Cross: 717-243-5211

Tricare North Region Heath-Net

Veterans Affairs:
National VA: 1-800-827-8710

Pennsylvania Veterans Affairs: 717-861-8589

County Directors Veterans Affairs: Each county has different phone number

Cumberland County Veterans Affairs Director: 717-240-6178