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Office of the Post Judge Advocate

The Office of the Post Judge Advocate (PJA) provides legal advice to the command and staff at Carlisle Barracks and the U.S. Army War College.  Our mission is to provide the means to achieve the command's objectives within the law.  We provide timely, accurate and professional legal support to commanders, staff, Soldiers and civilians in the core legal disciplines practiced by Judge Advocates:  Legal Assistance, Claims, Military Justice, Administrative Law, International Law, Civil Law, and Operational Law.

Contact Information

Legal Assistance:  (717) 245-4940


Claims:  (717) 245-3242


Email:  usarmy.carlisle.imcom-atlantic.mbx.imne-clb-la@mail.mil


Postal Address:  22 Ashburn Dr., Rm. 105, Carlisle, PA 17013

Physical Location:  Upton Hall, Carlisle Barracks, PA


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday  0830 - 1200 and 1300 - 1600
Thursday: 0830 - 1200 hours (Closed from 1200-1600) 
Closed for Lunch 1200 - 1300 everyday
Note:  No Walk-in appointments with the Legal Assistance Attorney.  To schedule an appointment with the Legal Assistance Attorney, call (717) 245-4940.




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7. Family Law Matters Help on Jagcnet


*Full Replacement Value Program Effective in Fall of 2007


*Manual For Courts-Martial

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*Post-Government Ethics Questionnaire

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