A Note from the Senior Army Chaplain

Please accept the welcome of the AWC Memorial Chapel community to you as you make this your new home, whether for an academic year, for a few years as a permanent party, for a brief stay for a short course or TDY, or for retirement. We celebrate your arrival and extend to you an invitation to join us for worship and the many activities surrounding the chapel. We are a community blessed and enriched by God through your presence, and our prayer is that we might be a blessing to you as well. This website provides a brief overview of the many opportunities we have for spiritual growth and service on the installation and in the surrounding community. While you are here, be sure that you:
  • Make worship an integral part of your life
  • Let us know where you would like to volunteer your service
  • Participate - in religious education, adult/youth groups and Bible studies
  • Pray that we might be God's living voice in this community
Again, welcome, and may God bless you.


Schedule of Services:

  • 1630 - Reconciliation
  • 1730 - Catholic Mass
  • 0915 - Catholic Mass
  • 1100 - Protestant Worship
Monday thru Friday:
  • 1200 - Catholic Mass
Holy Days:
  • 1200 - Catholic Mass
  • 1800 - Catholic Mass

Religious Support:

Carlisle Barracks Chaplain:
Emergency Chaplain: