Building 632, Wright Avenue, (717) 245-4357/3684/3685

Army Volunteer Corps

The Carlisle Barracks Army Volunteer Corp supports the Army's mission by continuously seeking innovative ideas and processes to improve the quality of life at Carlisle Barracks through the use of volunteer agencies. We promote quality volunteer work experiences and environments that recognize and appreciate the valuable contributions volunteers make to the Carlisle Barracks community.

Why Volunteer?

For the volunteer: Build your resume, contribute to the community, meet new people, share expertise, gain new skills and work experience, be challenged.
For the community: Develop new programs, sustain programs, enrich the quality of life for Soldiers, Family members and civilians, price and ownership.
Recognition: Volunteer of the month, volunteer of the quarter, volunteer of excellence awards, presidential service awards, national and agency awards.


Getting Started

To obtain a volunteer position on Carlisle Barracks, you will need to fill out a volunteer registration packet which will include a Volunteer Service Record (DA Form 4162), Volunteer Agreement (DD Form 2793), and if you are under 18, the Parental Permission Form (DA Form 5671). Additionally, you are now able to register online at MyArmyLifeToo.


Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities are abundant and available in a variety of program areas and settings. Each agency has its own orientation and training available. Contact the Volunteer Corps Coordinator to help find an opportunity that best matches your interests or talents.

Volunteer Recruitment Flyer

Current Volunteer Positions Available

Army Community Service
ACS Administrative Assistant
Employment Readiness Assistant
AER Correspondence Assistant (Seasonal)
Relocation Assistant
POC: (717) 245-4357/3684/3685

Additional Volunteer Sites
National Points of Light Foundation

Army Heritage Education Center
Research Assistants
POC: (717) 245-3684

Administrative Assistant
Ushers/Alter Servers
Vocational Bible School Volunteers
POC: (717) 245-3318

ACS Position Descriptions

Army Family Team Building (AFTB) Instructor - teach classes using the AFTB program prepared lesson plans, assemble necessary course materials prior to class presentation, encourage participation of AFTB classes.
Administrative Assistant - provide administrative support for ACS programs.
Financial Research - research financial information; help create course outlines, handouts and information.
Information Receptionist - receives customers and answers telephone inquiries, determining the type and level of assistance needed, and referring to appropriate individuals/agencies.
Employment Computer Lab Assistant - provide assistance with job searches, faxing and copying paperwork for customers.

Army Volunteer Corps Documents and Forms

Volunteer Award Nomination
DA Form 4162 (Volunteer Service Record)
DD Form 2793 (Volunteer Agreement)
DA Form 5671 (Parental Permission Form)
DA Form 4713 (Volunteer Daily Time Record)


Carlisle Barracks Army Community Center

Phone: (717)245-4357
DSN: 242-4357

Carlisle Barracks
Building 632
Wright Avenue
Carlisle, PA 17013

Hours of Operation:
Mon - Fri 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.