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The Army recognizes the importance of Soldier and Family readiness to both unit preparedness for mission and Family preparedness for the military lifestyle. The Mobilization and Deployment Readiness Program provides the resources for Army Families to equip themselves for Army living.

Family Readiness
The Mobilization and Deployment Readiness Program is designed to guide and educate Soldiers and Families on how to manage the complex processes of deployment and reunion. We envision an adaptable Army community in which Soldiers and their Families understand and are ready for deployment, supported through its course, and prepared for homecoming and reunion. Our Family readiness is the preparedness and resilience of Army Families to successfully adapt to the transitions required by the military lifestyle.

Family member readiness is also an important part of Soldier readiness for a mission. The Mobilization and Deployment Readiness Program has a large variety of educational materials, in a variety of media formats, to help Families understand and cope with the military lifestyle.

Soldier Readiness
Soldier Readiness is essential to execute the military mission. It involves military training and proper planning for personal and Family affairs.
Key items important for Soldier readiness are:

  • If married, does their spouse have an ID card and copy of their Soldier's orders?
  • If the Soldier has children, is there a viable childcare plan for the duration of the deployment?
  • Have arrangements been made for taking care of bills, residence, car, etc?
  • Has the Soldier obtained a Power of Attorney and Will?
  • Do Family members know who the Rear-Detachment Commander (RDC) is and how to contact the RDC?


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